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Organic gardens  and scientific avant-garde: from this meeting was born  BluBarrier®, a real one  barrier to protect the skin.

Super Oxo Dismutase:  the  bio enzyme  which is extracted from green wheat.


Its strength  bio-dynamics  is the active ingredient  which protects the skin  of those who live in the city.


When organic green wheat
-  Triticum Vulgare  - grows impetuously to become an adult is more easily attacked and protects itself from the attack of external agents thanks to  Super Oxo Dismutase .

IMG_5193 (1).jpg

This bio enzyme - squeezed
cold and freeze-dried - transfers its biodynamic strength
to  BluBarrier ®, the active ingredient patented by  BluMilano ®,
which protects the skin and hair from metabolic degeneration ensuring active protection against premature aging .


Organic green wheat  - Triticum Vulgare - from which BluBarrier® is born  it is harvested in spring in Boccapane,  on the first hills of the high  Val Tidone, in the Oltrepò Pavese.

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